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   R A I N B O W    


Towson - MD

I offer phone sessions

See my Distance Healing page

******Gift Certificates Available******


Call or email to schedule an appointment 

Reiki Healing Session

Usui, Tibetan & Kundalini Reiki

( Reiki only and Includes use of crystals if requested)

30 minute                             $70

1 Hour                                 $120

1 1/2 Hour                           $170

Each additional 15 minutes - $20

Money Reiki Healing

In Person Healing

30 minutes  -  $70

60 minutes  -  $120

Distance Healing

15 minutes  -  $40

30 minutes  -  $70

Quantum Energy Healing

Shamanism, Emotion Code, Violet flame

Pranic Healing, Sound Healing, Quantum Touch

DNA Upgrade, Nervous system upgrade,

Rainbow body activation, Merkaba activation

Angelic Light Weaving, Axiatonal Alignments

Magnified Healing, Melchizedek Healing

Light Language, Consciousness Code downloads

Chakra/Aura clearing & balancing

In a Quantum Energy Healing session I use any/all healing modalities & processes as I am intuitively guided or requested by client. Through connecting to your energy, I receive guidance as to what is in your highest good to receive during your session in accordance with your intentions for healing. These Sessions combine multiple modalities. Spiritual counseling may be included.

(First session is recommended for 1 1/2 hours)

30 minutes                             $90

1 Hour                                  $150

1 1/2 Hour                            $200

Each additional 15 minutes $25

Heart Wall clearing Session

(Removes trapped negative energy around the Heart.

See Emotion Code page for details) 

30 Minutes                            $90

1 Hour                                 $150

Each additional 15 minutes - $25

Spiritual Life Coaching

In a Spiritual Life Coaching session you can choose whether

or not to receive some energy healing.

(First session is recommended for 1 1/2 hours)

1 Hour                                  $175

1 1/2 Hour                            $250

2 Hour                                  $310

Each additional 15 minutes -$30

Distance and phone Sessions

Prices range depending on type of work requested.

Most of my modalities can be done distantly.

15 Minutes                       $40-$60

30 minutes                        $70-100

45 minutes                       $90-$130

1 Hour                            $120-$175

Corporate Wellness Reiki

See Corporate Wellness Reiki

page for rates and details

Reiki Party

15 minutes                                $30

20 minutes                                $45

30 minutes                                $60

Schedule a reiki party for your gathering.

We come to your event.

4 person minimum

12 person maximum (15 minutes each)

4 hour maximum

Reiki Attunements

I use the Chikara Reiki Do method of attunment. You will receive Usui Level I, Usui Level II, Usui Master and Tibetan Master in 2 sessions scheduled a week apart up to a month apart. This enables you to receive all the attunements at once at a much lower cost than the normal Usui methods of training where you would receive each attunement in a separate 2 day class. See my Reiki attunement page for rates and details. 

Special Package rates

3 - 60 minute sessions at 15% savings

Reiki only - $300

Quantum Energy Healing - 380

Spiritual Life Coaching - $460

3 - 75 minute sessions at 15% savings

Reiki only - $355

Quantum Energy Healing - $445

Spiritual Life Coaching - $545

3 - 90 minute sessions at 15% savings

Reiki only - $400

Quantum Energy Healing - $510

Spiritual Life Coaching - $630

Refer 3 friends and get a free 1 hour session

**Please note...... all session rates include consultation and energy work. It is your decision as to how much consultation and energy work your session will consist of. ex...20 minutes of consultation and 40 minutes of energy work for a 1 hour session


Monday  11:00am to 1:00 pm  (phone only)

Tuesday  1:00pm to 7:00pm  (In office or phone)

Wednesday 12:00pm to 6:00pm  (in office or phone)

Thursday 11:00am to 4:00pm  (phone only)

Fridays 11:00pm to 3:00pm  (phone only)

Saturday's - 1:00pm to 4:00pm  (In office or phone)

Saturdays and evenings payment is required in advance. Call or email to schedule an appointment and I will send an invoice to your email through paypal to be paid in advance.

Not available on Sundays

Monday, Thursday and Friday are PHONE only sessions

I provide healing sessions at my facility and remotely by phone. For more details see my Distance healing page.

*Extra for house calls - available depending on location

**Seniors and Veterans receive a 10% discount

Payment taken in cash, credit or Paypal .Prepaid payments and sessions are non-refundable, Missed appointments will be charged/billed a no show fee. If prepaid, 50% of the fee can be used for a future appt.