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Rainbow Reiki

Quantum healing is a combination of a variety of energy healing modalities and techniques.  By combining ideas from body-mind-spirit processes with quantum physics, meditation, holistic medicine 

and energy circulation, it is possible to heal the body-mind-spirit complex by shifting energetic signatures  at a quantum or subatomic level.  Quantum healing practitioners assist you by working with your body’s life force to shift your energy which triggers the body’s natural healing process.

In my sessions I connect to your energy and Higher Self to receive guidance with what is in your highest good to receive during your session in accordance with your intentions for healing. I use any/all healing modalities & processes as I am intuitively guided or requested by the client. Spiritual counseling is also a part of this process.

I channel and Infuse Multi-Dimensional 

Light/Energy to assist you in:

• Releasing: negative energy, toxins, blocks, limiting beliefs, 

                       trapped emotions

Clearing & Balancing: Chakras, Aura, body systems, toroidal

                                         field, meridians

Activating: Light body, DNA, Rainbow body, Merkaba

Upgrading: DNA, Nervous system, Three-fold flame

Raising your vibration

• Improving your health

• Opening your heart

• The Ascension & Awakening processes

• Soul Retrieval

• Cord cutting

Check out some of my other pages on this site to learn more about the many modalities that I use in my practice.

Rev. Sherri Lehr

Quantum & Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Life Coach and Advisor

Reiki Master Teacher

Priestess of Melchizedek

[email protected] / 443-794-7941